Cultivate [kuhl-tuh-veyt] verb to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine
Vitae [vee-tahy] noun a brief biographical summary of one’s career and training
CultiVitae [kuhl-tuh-vee-tahy] noun cultivate your life.


Resume/CV Writing

Are you applying to countless jobs only to never hear a peep back? Let’s create an eye-catching, modern, concise yet powerful and keyword friendly resume and cover letter.


Career Coaching

In one hour, my clients find the solution to their looming problems. Whether you are trying to navigate a new career choice, negotiating a salary, asking for a raise, dealing with overwhelming stress, learning how to network, etc., our 1:1 coaching sessions can bring clarity and clear direction.


LinkedIn Profile Building

Are you getting messages from recruiters about new opportunities? If not, you may want to update your LinkedIn profile to make sure it’s all star profile level. Learn how to capture the attention of potential employers with your online presence.

Are you a millennial seeking a career change?

Do you feel like….

  • You lack clear goals and strategy direction
  • You have no work-life balance
  • You’re frustrated at poor management or lack of mentorship
  • You’ve hit a ceiling and are bored
  • You’ve been lied to about job responsibilities
  • You’re underpaid for your skills and talent

Do you want to feel or have…

  • A career that aligns with your passion and interests
  • Financial freedom and flexibility
  • An employer who focuses on mentorship and learning
  • Like you’re challenged and making a difference in the world
  • A position that exercises your strengths and skills
  • A higher salary to pay off loans and even travel

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    Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to review your goals
    and determine the right package to achieve them.


    What others are saying.

    • “Thanks to you, Emily, I just accepted an offer where I am targeted to make $100K more than last year’s income. My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of your wisdom and guidance.” – Greg, 39, Sales Professional
    • I’m so glad I paid $200 to get negotiating advice from Emily. By following her step-by-step instructions, I was able to successfully negotiate $7K and one telecommute day each week! I can’t recommend her enough. – Madelyn, 28, Graphic Designer
    • I sent this updated resume to my former boss and he was very impressed. Thank you for being so easy to communicate with and getting this over to me so quickly! – Zack, 39, Consulting Professional
    • Wow, Emily! This looks amazing. I started floating my resume to some recruiters I’ve worked with in the past and they said this looks 200x more marketable! They are excited to start sending my resume out and I feel more confident in my job search. Thank you – you’re a miracle worker! – Irene, 42, Operations Professional

    With 6 years of headhunting experience and recruiting internally with a Fortune 100 experience, Emily has not only learned what top companies are looking for but has learned how companies find and identify top candidates. As a career coach and professional resume writer, Emily provides her clients a competitive edge, providing the tools and knowledge needed to stand out from hundred of resumes. PHR certified, Emily is an expert in all stages of the career search.

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