Cultivate [kuhl-tuh-veyt] verb to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine
Vitae [vee-tahy] noun a brief biographical summary of one’s career and training
CultiVitae [kuhl-tuh-vee-tahy] noun cultivate your life.

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Hello, friend! That’s me (to the left) welcoming you to CultiVitae – a safe community that helps professionals navigate and conquer the job search process through a powerful blend of career coaching and job search consulting strategies.

Whether you are figuring out what your purpose and calling is; exploring your first, second, third, or fourth lifetime career; moving to a new state, industry, or role — don’t fret! I’ve got your back!

After 6 years of corporate recruiting for Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 Giants including companies like Google, FaceBook, J.M. Smucker Co., I learned my purpose was to help professionals who were unhappy figure out two things:
1) How do I figure out how to feel ‘fulfilled’ in my career? and
2.) How the heck do I get there?

You’re in luck, my friend! I’ve decided to dish out all of my recruiting and HR insider secrets through my blog and newsletter, my upcoming e-courses, group coaching sessions, and 1:1 private career coaching! I hope if you’re in a rut or hit a plateau, you can discover meaningful and results-oriented inspiration in this corner of the internet.

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Are you a weekend warrior? Do you dread Mondays?

Perhaps you're in a "good" career but are striving for MORE.

Maybe you find yourself turning happy hours into complain hours about
your boss, your terrible work culture, your salary, or your lack of work/life balance.

Maybe you're telling yourself, "It could be worse"
yet realize you've been singing that song for the past three months now.

Maybe you've figured out you NEED to make a change
but find the unknown scary, terrifying, daunting, or paralyzing.

Maybe you've already taken action to start your transition,
but all you see are rejection emails or - (gasp!) worse - no responses.

Whatever the scenario, if you're looking for a career expert to help navigate your current career ladder, I'm here to support you as your coach, consultant, cheerleader, and challenger! With all four C's active in your life, any challenge CAN be conquered!

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What others are saying.

  • “Thanks to you, Emily, I just accepted an offer where I am targeted to make $100K more than last year’s income. My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of your wisdom and guidance.” – Greg, 39, Sales Professional
  • I’m so glad I paid a nominal fee to get negotiating advice from Emily. By following her step-by-step instructions, I was able to successfully negotiate $7K and one telecommute day each week! I can’t recommend her enough. – Madelyn, 28, Graphic Designer
  • I sent this updated resume to my former boss and he was very impressed. Thank you for being so easy to communicate with and getting this over to me so quickly! – Zack, 39, Consulting Professional
  • Wow, Emily! This looks amazing. I started floating my resume to some recruiters I’ve worked with in the past and they said this looks 200x more marketable! They are excited to start sending my resume out and I feel more confident in my job search. Thank you – you’re a miracle worker! – Irene, 42, Operations Professional

The Four C’s Every Growing Professional Needs:


Navigate +
Expert Advice

As your Career Coach, I will help you navigate your job search process from A to Z. We will define clear action steps and see progress together as you obtain support and structured guidance through this transition period.


Tactical + Strategic

With my insider knowledge as a former HR, hiring manager, and recruiting professional, I will position you with all of the strategic techniques to put your best foot forward on the career ladder. Start turning interviews into offers!


Positivity + Encouragement

Let’s face it: any life transition is tough. I will be your biggest cheerleader and share with you all of the positives I see. Attitude is half the battle in the workplace and in the interview room. We will attract positive results.


Accountability + Stretch Limits

The only way to grow is through constructive criticism. You can count on me to deliver candid feedback with solutions and recommendations. Grow professionally and personally by stretching your limiting beliefs.

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