Glassdoor Reviews: 4 Tips to Assess if Glassdoor is Reliable or Fake News

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Glassdoor Reviews for job seekers and job searches

Unless you have an insider in a company, it’s really difficult to tell if a company is what they present themselves to be. Just as you’re putting your interview face forward, the company is most likely singing their own praises and telling you generic blanket statements like, “We are all collaborative and there’s tons of room for growth!” Despite hearing … Read More

How to Encourage Productivity in Your Home Office

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home office productivity inspiration

Productivity is a very hot word right now in business. There are books, podcasts, videos, even entire blogs dedicated to how to become more productive in your workday. But for most of you, the workday doesn’t end once you clock out of the office. You work on paying bills, getting ready for your next networking event, managing your emails, and … Read More

How to Build a $1000 Emergency Fund

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how to create a $1k emergency fund

Being financially prepared is a very important step to take on the path of financial freedom and independence. There is always that question in the back of our heads that asks, “what happens when…?” Being able to answer that question provides peace of mind and helps you prepare for an emergency. But where should you start? I suggest starting your … Read More

10 Personal Development Tips to Advance Your Career

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personal development tips to advance career

Studies show our brains make snap judgements of people within milliseconds. Before we are even able to process an entire interaction or situation, we have already subconsciously formulated an opinion on someone or something. Just as a book is often judged by its cover, people are judged by their presence. First impressions are critical towards anyone’s success and as we … Read More

Using the Wheel of Life to Define Success on Your Own Terms (Free Worksheet Included)

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wheel of life define success on your own terms

I recently read a status update on my LinkedIn, posted by a recruiter who said he cold-called a candidate about a new opportunity. Assessing the candidate’s background, he knew he had all of the right skills and qualifications, and the opportunity would elevate him on the career ladder. The candidate politely declined and said, “Thanks, but I’m not interested.” Probing … Read More

The Key to Winning the Salary Negotiation Battle

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winning the salary negotiation battle

Unless you’re Kanye, you probably don’t feel comfortable speaking about money. For job seekers and employees alike, speaking about salary is often nerve racking whether it’s a job offer or requesting a raise. The desired outcome is that you’re paid at the top dollar range, if not at the median average salary. But if people don’t openly share their salaries … Read More