Cultivate [kuhl-tuh-veyt] verb to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine
Vitae [vee-tahy] noun a brief biographical summary of one’s career and training
CultiVitae [kuhl-tuh-vee-tahy] noun cultivate your life.

Looking for a trusted career coach to give you the scoop on how we find candidates just like you?

By working with me, I will support you with the following:

  • Insider Perspective: I know what hiring managers and recruiters want – and don’t want – to see in resumes.
  • Compelling Content: Show off your accomplishments and highlight skills that will catch the attention of the HR screeners.
  • Support & Guidance: Landing a job goes beyond the resume. I will help position you in front of your competition throughout the process.

Mission Statement

CultiVitae strives to help millennials in transition reach their career goals by providing trusted advice and high-quality resources.

Vision Statement

CultiVitae fosters a community where millennials feel safe, comfortable, and respected in sharing details of their current situation and their future aspirations.


At CultiVitae, our vision is to be an ultimate resource for transitioning millennials. We want our clients to feel confident in their careers so they can look forward to Mondays again.
SHRM-CP Certified

I started CultiVitae because I’ve been in your shoes before. Excited about the new job, we start to ease into it – and whether it’s months or years – we find ourselves dreading Mondays and counting down to Fridays. It’s so unfortunate as we spend 40+ hours a week there!

Well grunt no more! Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, or just flat out seeking better opportunities, my mission is to land you a job that make you look forward to Mondays again!

So why should you work with me? In 2010, I naturally fell into the world of recruiting and I haven’t looked back since. As a full-cycle recruiter, I have helped many top companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., find talent. As subjective as recruiting can be, there is a science to it.

I hold the following certificates: Professional in Human Resources.
I am also a Trusted Career Coach @ The Muse.

For my creative outlet and project, you can find me @happynfull where I document stories, guides, and tips on budget travel around the world.

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Praises from my Clients

Let’s hear it from my amazing clients whom I have had the privilege of working with!

I am changing my career from academia to HR and my experience with Emily is absolutely fantastic! Emily’s detailed knowledge of the industry is undisputed. This combined with Emily’s ability to ask all the right, and in-depth, questions to bring out key information from your work experience mean that she is able to produce a perfectly crafted resume that brings results swiftly (within two days of my new CV and LinkedIn going live I have landed three job interviews with Fortune 100 companies). Importantly, Emily’s attention to detail and precision meant that there was no need for a second draft of my CV and LinkedIn profile. Throughout the entire time working with Emily, I felt listened to and, crucially, understood. Moreover, Emily responds to emails and questions promptly, without a fuss and is such joy to talk to. I absolutely recommend Emily!Patrycja, 34, HR Professional
I have been looking for a job in a different state for a year, with no luck in landing interviews. I spoke with Emily as I saw she specialized in relocating and she gave me 3 tips I implemented right away. The results were amazing. I’m happy to report after weeks of working with her, revising my resume and giving me job search strategy tips, I have accepted a job in the state I’ve been eyeballing for a year. Thanks, Emily!!
Anita, 28, Marketing Professional
I have been job searching for the past 6 months with no luck landing an interview. I decided to hire Emily based on the reviews and her HR background. I am so glad I did.

Upon working with her (which was comfortable, fun, and informative), she crafted a modern resume that made me even want to hire myself. After sending out resumes, I was able to land 3 interviews within 1 week and secured a job that I had applied to with my previous resume.

She also guided me through interview prepping and negotiating – despite being unemployed for 6 months – I was able to make it back to my original salary, plus some! Emily is amazing.

Darrin, 38, Sales Professional
When it was time to refresh my resume and LinkedIn profile, the only call I made was to Emily. Having become yet another satisfied client of hers, I am pretty thrilled to recommend her. Emily demonstrated from the start of our project an ability to blend several unique and vital skillsets – part therapist, part recruiter, skilled wordsmith, experienced social networker, and career coach with a keen eye for absorbing the relevant jargon of her clientele. She produced for me a one page sales sheet, two-page resume and comprehensive updated LinkedIn profile that would insure a high rate of visibility within my professional industry. Don’t wait – contact Emily and let her help you succeed!

Gary, 49, HR Professional
Emily is AMAZING! Not only is she brilliant and kind, but has the kind of experience I needed to make sure my resume and LinkedIn profile were top notch. She went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and I came away MUCH more knowledgable and confident. I am so excited to continue my job search due to her enthusiasm and encouragement. I feel like I now have another friend. I would recommend Emily to anyone. Just fantastic.
Brooke, 44, HR Professional
Wow, Emily! This looks amazing. I started floating my resume to some recruiters I’ve worked with in the past and they said this looks 200x more marketable! They are excited to start sending my resume out and I feel more confident in my job search. Thank you – you’re a miracle worker!Irene, 42, Operations Professional
Emily was great to work with. She worked quickly and with my schedule. She listened closely and that was reflected in the product she produced. She was also really connected to industry and able to share some of that perspective. I would work with Emily again!Alana, 33, Training & Development Professional
I’m so glad I paid $200 to get negotiating advice from Emily. By following her step-by-step instructions, I was able to successfully negotiate $7K and one telecommute day each week! I can’t recommend her enough. Madelyn, 28, Graphic Designer
I hired Emily to help me with interview prepping as I have landed interviews in the past, but have not gotten past the initial phone interview. She conducted a mock interview with me, and gave some really powerful constructive criticism which she sent to me in a nice package I could reference to. Since incorporating her phrasing to certain questions, I’ve been asked to come on-site several times, and have learned to close interviews! I have 2 competing offers currently and you bet I am going to ask hire her for negotiation advice!Mark, 27, Engineering Professional
I needed help rebranding myself as I know I need a career change, but I am not sure what exactly the right path for me is. As a millennial, I’m overwhelmed with the prospect of finding a job and being stuck in it forever. After talking with Emily, she shared a lot of relatable stories and provided insights and advice to give me clarity as I identify what I’m truly interested in and excel at. Thanks to her I have a targeted job search strategy and am excited to put everything into motion.Matthew, 23, Graduate Student
I was suffering from extreme writer’s block, and reached out to Emily for assistance writing a cover letter. She was very easy to talk to and was an attentive listener. After our initial conversation, she was able to turn around a cover letter very quickly that highlighted my strengths.Courtney, 34, HR professional
I am relocating and Emily has played an integral role in helping me prepare my resume for my job search. Her ability to ask the right questions and her excellent listening skills, paired with her experience as a Recruiter, allow her to perfectly craft a resume that succinctly highlights your skill set and accomplishments. She is flexible in scheduling, responds promptly, adds value by sharing her knowledge, and produces top-notch work in a short timeframe. In addition, she is so kind and wonderful to speak with. I highly recommend Emily. She is fantastic!

Jennifer, 30, HR Professional
Working with Emily was great! She is very understanding of your situation and gives you valuable insights and tips into the hiring process. I’ll definitely contact her in the future if I have any questions! Ashwin, 24, Consultant professional
Emily is awesome! Not only did she create an amazing new resume for me, she also gave me some great insight into how recruiters think (because she is one), and how to best to leverage my skills on LinkedIn. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their online profile and get their resume to the top of a recruiters “yes” pile.
Dominique, 35, Marketing Professional
Emily was so great! In the interview, she really took the time to understand me, my experience/skills, and what makes me unique as a worker. Her writing skills are thorough and on-point, and she even gave me more than I wanted so I can customize my cover letter for future jobs. A+!!!Andy, 33, Creative Designer
I sent this updated resume to my former boss and he was very impressed. Thank you for being so easy to communicate with and getting this over to me so quickly!Zack, 39, Consulting Professional
Emily, how do I spread the word of how amazing you were to work with? You’ve provided so many valuable insights I can bring with me beyond just my career search. I appreciate your help in all of your networking strategies and bestowing your knowledge in the entire recruitment process. I feel confident that I now have a better brand for myself — I look amazing on paper! If I have any friends looking for a job, I’ll be sure to send them your way first. Thank you thank you thank you!Jennifer, 29, Sales Professional
Since sending out the BEAUTIFUL resume Emily crafted, I’ve landed interviews with my top choice companies and have 2 offers on the table! Hire her. She’s a dream to work with and a good luck charm!Christine, 28, Legal Professional
Thanks to you, Emily, I just accepted an offer where I am targeted to make $100K more than last year’s income. My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of your wisdom and guidance.Greg, 39, Sales Professional