Thanks to you, Emily, I just accepted an offer where I am targeted to make $100K more than last year’s income. My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of your wisdom and guidance.Greg, 39, Denver, CO

Private 1:1 Career Coaching & Consulting

Imagine your dream job. What does it look like? What time are you waking up every morning? What’s in your office or on your desk? Are you looking forward to waking up or are you hitting snooze?

If you can visualize your dream job, I’m a firm believer that with the right techniques, strategies, and accountability in place, your dream job can become a reality.

My goal is to assess where you are today in relation to obtaining your dream job, and putting actionable steps into place to get you there. Because let’s face it. Job hunting sucks.

Many people make the mistake of taking the first job that is presented their way. I want to make sure you don’t make this same mistake and minimize your job hunting. Done right, you can actually have employers find you. Isn’t having opportunities presented to you the best position to be in?

Here’s to cultivating your life. Let’s make it the best life possible starting with your career.

I’ve learned so much over the past 6 weeks. Not just on how to land a job, but how to network, present myself professionally, market myself, and command what I am worth. I was terrified of investing in myself because of my own negative stories whispering. Thank you SO much Emily for believing in me, guiding in me, and making me realize my potential! I have gained invaluable advice that I can carry with me throughout my life. I wish I found you in my early 20s so you could have made me realize all of the things I needed to stop doing — sooner. But better late than never! Gretchen, 35, New York, NY

1:1 Private Career Coaching

Cheers to Happy Mondays!

This customized 6-session 1:1 private coaching program is set up to meet once a week via video or phone. It's the ultimate container to ensure you find your purpose, identify actionable steps, and tackle the exciting challenges ahead! This package is designed for those that are seeking a role change, company change, industry change, or location change. Sessions can be used within 3 months time span with no more than two weeks in between... I want to ensure you stay accountable and on top of your career transition game! 😉

With my 1:1 private coaching packages, you steer the ship! These sessions are completely customizable to you and your unique background and career goals. After all, everyone is unique and has unique situations arise. Think of me as your personal coach, consultant, cheerleader, and challenger packaged in one, guiding you step by step through identifying and landing your dream career!

The ultimate goal in working together is to understand what YOU want! Not sure? Great! We can do a session getting clarity around reflection and research. When we identify clear goals, we are able to move along the process to get you ready and fully prepared to crush your career goals.

Ready for a promotion? Ready to snag a new position? Ready to move cross-country for a dream employer? Ready to launch your own side hustle? I’m ready to coach you from Point A to Point Z!

Every client goes along a different path based on where they want to go and where they are currently. New developments may shift our course of action and my clients appreciate the flexibility in catering our sessions towards anything that pops up along the process!

By following Emily’s step-by-step instructions for salary negotiations, I was able to successfully negotiate $7K and one telecommute day each week! I can’t recommend her enough.Maggie, 25, San Francisco, CA

Ways Clients Have Used Sessions…

Career choices can be tough decisions! I’m here to listen to your dilemmas, obstacles, and roadblocks all while giving you the tools, resources, and space to identify your own inner wisdom!

Are you wondering why you hate your current job and what else is out there for you? Then this session is for you. Through this deep discovery call and using assessments, we’ll get clear on what your values are so you can start attracting the right opportunities!

Applying to the 99th job online? Bypass the application process and discover the 8+ recruiting tips you should be using instead to get right in touch with the recruiter and hiring manager!

Emily, how do I spread the word of how amazing you were to work with? You’ve provided so many valuable insights I can bring with me beyond just my career search. I appreciate your help in all of your networking strategies and bestowing your knowledge in the entire recruitment process. I feel confident that I now have a better brand for myself — I look amazing on paper! If I have any friends looking for a job, I’ll be sure to send them your way first. Thank you thank you thank you!Jennifer, 29, St. Louis, MO

If you’re getting interviews but no offer, I highly recommend we conduct a 30-minute mock interview and question by question I’ll let you know what you did well on and what you can improve. Reframe your answers so you can ace your interviews!

Management issues? Teammate issues? Cultural issues? If you feel down, stressed, frustrated in your current job, let’s eliminate those negative emotions and replace them with emotions leaving you feeling productive!

You’ve probably heard networking is important. But what do you say? How can you craft a powerful story leaving people wanting to learn more? How much do you share? We will craft a powerful answer to the “Tell me about yourself” so you can feel confident!

Since sending out the BEAUTIFUL resume Emily crafted, I’ve landed interviews with my top choice companies and have 2 offers on the table! Hire her. She’s a dream to work with and a good luck charm!-- Christine, 28, New York, NY

Now that you have an offer in hand, let’s get you the maximum salary, bonus, benefits, vacation, telecommute, tuition reimbursement, etc. etc. Past clients find this session alone already pays for the whole program itself!

If you’re here, you probably have big goals. Let me hold you accountable to these and help you break them down into obtainable, reasonable, and achievable steps. Get in the right mindset to accomplish anything you desire!

Unlimited email support including email templates, messaging, networking requests, etc. are included in this package. Also as an added bonus, I will market your background to 3,500+ recruiters/hiring managers if you’re seeking a new job!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every situation is unique so every package should be customizable, too ! The benefits of this package is you have my whole, undivided attention to learning about what your goals are and having a guide through the process. I bring my expertise in recruitment and human resources to ensure you can tackle any career obstacles along your way. If you need more support in interviewing, we can do more mock interviews until you feel confident! If you need more support around building your confidence and networking, we can dedicate sessions on exercises and practicing your pitch. Whatever you need, think of me as your consultant, coach, cheerleader, and challenger through the process!
We can certainly dedicate a session on critiquing your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. For an additional fee, I am happy to help re-write these documents. Re-write services are only available as an add-on with a package. I want to make sure you’re supported along the process with the bigger triggers from finding out what you want to do to negotiating a higher salary or raise.
My schedule is flexible and I have a variety of days and times to meet for each session. Based on what you want to work on, the sessions can last anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

For those in Los Angeles, I’m happy to conduct in person sessions. Otherwise, I’ve to date, served 95% of my clients virtually with Skype, FaceTime, Phone (audio only), and Zoom.

At the end of each session, we’ll have a clear outline of what we discussed and what we would like to work on next. In between each session, I may give you relevant reading material, worksheets, assessments, etc., based on what I feel would support you most towards achieving your goal.
I get that things come up. I appreciate any cancellations to come with a 24-hour notice unless it’s something out of your control. I am fairly flexible and have a coaching agreement that outlines reschedules and cancellations in further detail.
I’m so glad you asked! All career coaches offer different support and have different structures. I can only tell you what career coaching with me is like.

If you find yourself feeling like there can be improvement in your career – or throughout all other areas of your life – then I can help guide you by providing a container. In this container, we meet regularly to discuss anything coming up.

I serve as your coach by listening to your needs, frustrations, and challenges. As your coach, I help you see your own inner wisdom and we come up with a game plan that feels right to you.

I also serve as your consultant. With my background and expertise in recruiting and human resources, if you have questions that you need a logical and strategic answer to, I can guide you and share that expertise.

I am, too, your cheerleader. Since I have a clear understanding of your goals and challenges, I will motivate you and hold you accountable to what you sought out to accomplish.

Finally, I am your challenger. I will challenge you to find your ultimate passion and understand the WHY behind what drives you.

I’ve continued to work with many repeat clients in supporting them with anything new that comes up after our session is completed. This isn’t a hello and goodbye relationship! I want to hear your progress, your wins, your struggles… together, we’ll work towards cultivating the most fulfilling life however you define that!