The Key to Winning the Salary Negotiation Battle

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winning the salary negotiation battle

Unless you’re Kanye, you probably don’t feel comfortable speaking about money. For job seekers and employees alike, speaking about salary is often nerve racking whether it’s a job offer or requesting a raise. The desired outcome is that you’re paid at the top dollar range, if not at the median average salary. But if people don’t openly share their salaries … Read More

Applicant Tracking System: What to Know Before Submitting Your Resume

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Everything You Need to Know About Submitting Your Resume Into the ‘Black Hole’ AKA Applying Online — and How to Beat the Applicant Tracking System

So, you’re job searching, eh? Are you finding yourself spending countless hours clicking, uploading, filling out forms, crossing fingers, and praying that your resume miraculously lands you a coveted invitation to interview? If so, you’re not alone. I often hear, “Emily, I need to start my job search. Can you revamp my resume?” While I would tell you this is … Read More

3 Crucial Steps to Kill an Interview + The Most Underrated Interview Tip

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The Most Underrated Interview Tip

Ugh. Interviews. These most nerve-racking moments in life that determine your fate and outcome of how your life unfolds in future years to come. While a quick search on the internet yields results that tell candidates to arrive 10-15 minutes early, be well-dressed and well-groomed, to research the company etc., there is also a really important and often understated tip. … Read More

Introducing the Instagram Resume

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Instagram Resume

Today I am delighted to introduce a very creative Visual Content Creator & Social Media Strategist, Taylor Jones. Taylor caught my attention as he, if not the first to create an Instagram Resume, was the first to create one so effectively. I was so impressed with his online presence that I asked if he would mind having a quick Q&A … Read More