How to Encourage Productivity in Your Home Office

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home office productivity inspiration

Productivity is a very hot word right now in business. There are books, podcasts, videos, even entire blogs dedicated to how to become more productive in your workday. But for most of you, the workday doesn’t end once you clock out of the office. You work on paying bills, getting ready for your next networking event, managing your emails, and … Read More

Natural Stress Relief Can Be Achieved in the Mind

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Natural Stress Relief Can Be Achieved in the Mind

Life isn’t a smooth ride along the beach on a perfect summer day. Oftentimes, it feels more like a turbulent roller coaster with ups and downs from every angle imaginable. A career can very well be the same, having moments along the way that are challenging, humbling, and seemingly downright unbearable. Virtually every successful career has followed a path that … Read More

9 Free Business Tools to Boost Productivity and Keep Sane

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free business tools to boost productivity and keep sane

Every time someone looks at my iPhone’s screen, they throw me a horrified expression, “Oh my God, Emily. How do you have so many red notification bubbles everywhere.. Does that say 603 unread emails?!” Despite having red notification icons pop up everywhere for the zillion apps I have, my productivity in my business life is at an all time high. … Read More

Practical Gifts Guide for the Careerist

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Practical Gifts for the Careerist Under $100

I completely lost track of the days and forgot that it’s already February, the month of gift giving to your significant other because Hallmark Day aka Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself in a procrastinating tizzy, no worries, I’ve got you with the 2017 His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. You will find everything on this list for under … Read More

13 Signs You Work From Home

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Work from Home - 13 signs you work from home

I’ve chatted up with people from around the world who work from home and asked them to finish this sentence: Below are the funny (and relatable) responses I received! I’m wondering how many of these accurately capture your day, too. 1. You mute conference calls as you vacuum, cook, wash dishes, or do laundry 2. You hope no one requests … Read More

Must Have Daily Planners for 2017 – Boost Productivity and Keep On Track

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Daily Planner - Top Planners in 2017

My boss once told me, “You’re seriously a taskmaster machine!” I attribute this trait to my days when I wrote things down for the sake of having the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. Ever since grade school, I’ve been, ahem, slightly obsessed over day planners. My aunt from Taiwan would send me cute pastel sheets, often with cartoon … Read More

By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail: Top 5 Interview Prep Tips

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“Emily, I need some advice. I have an interview next Thursday. What should I do?” As a career coach/recruiter, I get these calls quite often. Even my most seasoned professional friends often ask for a refresher as they dust off their interview suits they haven’t touched in years. Interviewing is undoubtedly nerve-racking as you have, on average, an hour to … Read More