Natural Stress Relief Can Be Achieved in the Mind

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Natural Stress Relief Can Be Achieved in the Mind

Life isn’t a smooth ride along the beach on a perfect summer day. Oftentimes, it feels more like a turbulent roller coaster with ups and downs from every angle imaginable. A career can very well be the same, having moments along the way that are challenging, humbling, and seemingly downright unbearable. Virtually every successful career has followed a path that … Read More

What’s On Your Career Mind Map?

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Mind Map Your Career

In middle school, I was obsessed with typography. I had two separate notebooks I brought to school. One was my ‘scribble down notes from class as quickly as the teacher speaks’. The other was my ‘sit down and re-write everything in perfect, legible penmanship.’ This technique was actually good for two reasons: (1) my classmates complimented my handwriting and were … Read More

Exploring Careers Q&A Series: Corporate Real Estate Leader

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Corporate Real Estate Developer - office building

Isn’t it funny how our careers unfold over the course of our lifetime? For some professionals, they knew what profession they wanted to obtain and went to school accordingly. For example, nurses obtained a nursing degree, attorneys went on to law school, and real estate professionals studied for their state’s real estate license. But have you ever wondered about professions … Read More

What You Need To Do Immediately After Your Interview

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Thank you cards

This post explores thank you cards and provides an inside case study of why they are impactful. During my last year as a recruiter, I interviewed hundreds of candidates. While I remember certain names and faces and I can visualize company names and schools on resumes, only a few candidates truly stand out. There was one candidate named Kyle who … Read More

How Would You Answer These Top 10 Most Difficult Job Interview Questions?

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difficult job interview questions

Curveball interview questions are becoming more common as interviewers sigh at the cookie-cutter, rehearsed answers to the standard “What are your weaknesses?” question. You know, the answer that is touted off as an actual strength (i.e. – too hard of a worker, too nice, too ambitious and willing to volunteer for every task). Sound familiar? While some of these curveball … Read More

9 Free Business Tools to Boost Productivity and Keep Sane

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free business tools to boost productivity and keep sane

Every time someone looks at my iPhone’s screen, they throw me a horrified expression, “Oh my God, Emily. How do you have so many red notification bubbles everywhere.. Does that say 603 unread emails?!” Despite having red notification icons pop up everywhere for the zillion apps I have, my productivity in my business life is at an all time high. … Read More