Practical Gifts Guide for the Careerist

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Practical Gifts for the Careerist Under $100

I completely lost track of the days and forgot that it’s already February, the month of gift giving to your significant other because Hallmark Day aka Valentine’s Day. If you find yourself in a procrastinating tizzy, no worries, I’ve got you with the 2017 His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. You will find everything on this list for under … Read More

Cover Letter Tip: Stop Writing ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ and Write This Instead

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cover letter - stop writing dear hiring manager

Some managers say they read every single one. Others say they never read them. Love them or hate them, with recruiting being so subjective, it’s better to have one prepared as you don’t know which manager is reading them. You will notice some companies specifically state ‘submit cover letter and resume’ in the job description. Cover letters are helpful to … Read More

Exploring Careers Q&A Series: Travel Blogger

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Travel Blogger - exploring career Q&A series

Isn’t it funny how our careers unfold over the course of our lifetime? For some professionals, they knew what profession they wanted to obtain and went to school accordingly. For example, nurses obtained a nursing degree, attorneys went on to law school, and real estate professionals studied for their state’s real estate license. But have you ever wondered about professions … Read More

13 Signs You Work From Home

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Work from Home - 13 signs you work from home

I’ve chatted up with people from around the world who work from home and asked them to finish this sentence: Below are the funny (and relatable) responses I received! I’m wondering how many of these accurately capture your day, too. 1. You mute conference calls as you vacuum, cook, wash dishes, or do laundry 2. You hope no one requests … Read More

How to Network Like a Boss

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How to Network Like a Boss

For many who have not held a business development or sales oriented role, networking can be a scary unknown area in the professional arena. You’re told, “Go out and network and never stop networking!” Inside, anxiety kicks in, you break into a cold sweat asking internally, “But what do I say? Where do I go? Can I do this alone?” … Read More

Job Search Automated: Job Search Engines Every Jobseeker Should Set Alerts For

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Automate Job Searching: Job Search Engines Every Jobseeker Should Set Alerts For

Job searching can often feel like a full-time job. Before the world become connected with the internet, job seekers often found the classifieds section in local newspapers or ‘help wanted’ signs in store windows. Then came along Craigslist, the electronic version of classifieds where you could search for opportunities in any state. Up sprouted hundreds of job boards, and soon … Read More

Must Have Daily Planners for 2017 – Boost Productivity and Keep On Track

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Daily Planner - Top Planners in 2017

My boss once told me, “You’re seriously a taskmaster machine!” I attribute this trait to my days when I wrote things down for the sake of having the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. Ever since grade school, I’ve been, ahem, slightly obsessed over day planners. My aunt from Taiwan would send me cute pastel sheets, often with cartoon … Read More

5 LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips to Leave a Positive First Impression

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LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips

“Emily, what do you think about this guy’s profile?” I glance over at my friend’s screen displaying a profile on a dating app called Happn. I view the single-page and see his photo, age, location, occupation, last activity, interests, and music selection. Snickering inside, the recruiter inside me can’t help but think about the need to figure out his last … Read More