• Is the search for your perfect career getting you down?
  • Tired of receiving rejection emails?
  • Feeling beat down from prepping for interviews leading to no offer letters?
  • Feel lost, frustrated, and confused about the entire job search process?

I hear your pain and frustration.
That’s why I’ve created the 4-week jumpstart program:

The key to finding and landing a career you love!


Tackle My Career is a 100% online, small group coaching program designed so you can walk away with the following:

WEEK 1: Get clarity on the types of jobs and companies you REALLY want to work in through identifying your top talent, skills, interests and matching them to industries and roles. Once you get a clear vision – you’ll attract the right opportunities without having to come up with new stories for every interview!

WEEK 2: Learn the art of networking and craft a powerful elevator pitch and answer to the “tell me about yourself” question in an interview

WEEK 3: Learn how to leverage online job search strategies so you can stop applying into a black hole with no response. In this sesison, you’ll learn how to maximize LinkedIn’s networking potential without having to pay a $29.99/month membership!

WEEK 4: Decode, understand, and practice the most common interview questions so you feel confident not only how to interview – but how to close your interviewer!

With four 90-minute sessions of live instruction and coaching, special homework, worksheets, and assessments, plus a private Facebook group for support and continued connection, you’ll start making the progress you crave in less than a month! With the increased confidence and knowledge to target your specific hiring managers, you can transform your entire approach and see the traction you desire!

In just 4 weeks, you’ll walk away with the knowledge, tools & tips you need to take real action and propel yourself forward.

Our group meets once a week via live video chat, starting the first week in August 2017!

Sign up today and snag your spot for an investment of just


Enrollment closes July 31, 2017 at midnight EST, and once we hit four people, we’re full!


If you are a motivated, ambitious self-starter who is truly ready to make progress in your job search, then this is the program for you. If you are willing and ready to learn new strategies, techniques, and interact with like-minded professionals ready to take control of their careers, then this program is for you. This program is NOT the right program if you’re looking for someone to do everything for you. Through immersion, you will find the resourcefulness, insights, tips, and tools to take action for yourself. This is a positive group where we support and cheer each other on as we all go through the same learnings together.
A poll will be sent out to all participants ahead of time to select our meeting day and time (weekends also available). All reasonable efforts will be made to select a time that works for everyone, as maximum benefit will be gained from attending live. If you happen to miss sessions, don’t worry! Video replays will be made available to all attendees after the session. You will also get the same homework and assignments in a recap email.
As this is a group program, all sessions will take place in a setting with multiple people, however, each meeting will conclude with an open Q&A session where you’re more than welcome to ask anything that’s on your mind! This will also allow others to learn from one another as people might have the same questions. in the program’s private Facebook group. I’ll also continue to answer questions and provide new articles and tips that I feel can professionally develop you.
I left recruiting and entered coaching because I really wanted to help job seekers thrive and give them the tips and tools I was never able to give as a hiring manager. Since I transitioned to career coaching, I’ve served hundreds of job seekers but also have turned away many because of their current financial situation. My private 1:1 coaching packages are a much higher investment because of the individualized attention and customization. That said, I am a firm believer that group coaching has several benefits including the lower cost, but also the ability to learn from others, practice with others needing similar support, while still learning and absorbing all of the useful tricks, tools, resources, and hacks! While most career coaches charge an average of $250-$350/hr this program consists of 6 total instruction hours which is less than $100/hr!
I’ve helped hundreds of people spruce up aspects of their job search portfolio and find themselves getting more interviews and more job offers as a result. Prior to this, I spent 5 years on the other side of the interview table as a headhunter for Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, and premier law firms, interviewing thousands of jobseekers. Lastly, I have been in your shoes before. I wish I had a career coach teaching me everything I’m about to teach you as I had to navigate my career the hard way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find and land a career you love!



Enrollment closes July 31, 2017 at midnight EST, and once we hit four people, we’re full!

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