from stuck to waking up happy + excited for Mondays!

Do you want to regain confidence and clarity, master the job search process, AND ultimately make the successful career transition that allows you to live a purposeful career and life?

I thought so.


from stuck to waking up happy + excited for Mondays!

Do you want to regain confidence and clarity, master the job search process, AND ultimately make the successful career transition that allows you to live a purposeful career and life?

I thought so.

Let me ask a few questions...

  • Do you know what you don't want but are confused about what you do want?
  • Do you want to make a career transition but wonder what opporunities match your skills?
  • Do you feel your work is meaningless?
  • Are you tired of racking up debt and want more $?
  • Do you desire a stronger leadership team?
  • Do you loathe your daily commute or office?
  • Do you wish you had more work/life balance?
  • Are you wondering, "Is this it?"
  • Are you stuck in a "career rut"? 
  • Are you counting down until Friday?
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If you've answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you're definitely in the right spot!

I hear and feel your pain.

I was once in your shoes. People assume because I'm a career coach I've always had my career figured out. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Every college semester, I knocked on my counselor's door to announce I had selected a new major. After graduating, I accepted offers that really weren't great fits and I often found myself challenging my values. Naive, I thought the world was going to be my oyster yet I never felt so defeated and lost. As I collected paychecks, the thought of quitting crossed my mind... monthly, if not weekly. I spent countless nights worrying about the future and questioning if staying or leaving would be the 'right' decision. I let fear, self doubt, and confusion paralyze me.  

But then, things changed.  

One day, after devising a methodical process, it finally became clear to me what my passion and purposes were in life. I researched opportunities and explored what success meant to me. I put pen to paper and mapped out my short term and long term career goals. Once I had them listed, I put in actionable tactics and strategies which led to introductions and offers for positions that would boost my credibility while enhancing my skills. The result? 

Finally achieving career happiness! 

For the first time in my life I designed and chose a career instead of allowing the career to choose me.

I'm not special. I just implemented the steps to gain clarity and confidence.

I am fortunate to coach the same approach to hundreds of heart-centered corporate professionals. 

And today, I have distilled all of my most trusted, proven, successful actions and strategies into this step-by-step system called The Happily Hired Formula™. 

Inside this exclusive one-of-a-kind eCourse contains everything you need to discover, design, build and achieve your dream career. From the exact built-for-success alignment strategies I use with my clients through my signature clarity-provoking, fear-busting exercises and systems, you’ll have everything you need to craft a career that is aligned with your purpose on this earth. 

If you're tired of digging up conflicting career advice and crossing your fingers for responses, this proven step-by-step system is for you. Put your best foot forward to get quicker offers and better opportunities.

happily hired formula


  • You woke up to an inbox filled with interview requests at your short list of companies
  • You have InMails from recruiters asking YOU if you're interested in a job 
  • You are at happy hour with your amazing team 
  • You walked into an interview and walked out with a verbal offer on the spot.  
  • You negotiated $10K, $20K, $30K more than your last salary and a bonus... and more vacation days!
  • You just shortened your commute from an hour each day to 30 minutes or less.  
  • You identified your calling and could get paid to do what you actually enjoy and love.  

What Will You Learn in The Happily Hired Formula™?

This is a DWY course. What is DWY? Do With You. You'll get full support and accountability to make sure you implement what you learn

The Happily Hired Formula™ gets you: · 8 self-paced modules of video and audio, that’s over 12 hours of game-changing content · Exercise worksheets to help you gain new insights and implement what you learn · Weekly live goup coaching calls with a Career Coach to answer any questions · A supportive FB community of other career changers who can relate · Access to recruiters and hiring managers for additional insights  

 Watch the video to get the scoop of what to expect in this course or read the module descriptions below!  

Everything Included in The Happily Hired Formula™

happily hired formula

Lesson #1: Discover your purpose on this earth and explore fulfillng career paths!

- Learn how to discover your purpose and start feeling fulfilled TODAY  

- Make a list of the values and create an evaluation criterion to measure each of your future opportunities against so you can accept positions that are right fits  

- Inventory the skills you've obtained throughout your career and find positions for your transferrable skills  

- Discover your top strengths and clearly articulate your value proposition to any prospective employer  

- Define success on your own terms and create clear short-term and long-term goals to create a career you love

happily hired formula

Lesson #2: Your resume and LinkedIn profile are marketing tools, not an “everything I have done”. Learn how to stand out and tailor your marketing materials to show up 40x more search results!

- Learn what you need in each section of your resume to make sure it: 1) matches the Applicant Tracking System for keywords and 2) lands at the top of the "yes" pile  

- Bring your resume and LinkedIn profile to life by displaying your personality in your profile summary

- Optimize your LinkedIn profile by reaching all-star level status and show up 40x more in search results  

- Get expert answers to FAQs for special circumstances and review of best practices so you can confidently impress your readers  

happily hired formula cultivitae

Lesson #3: It’s not who you know but who knows you. Master the networking and rapport building skills that are needed to land interviews.

- Learn the best etiquettes and practices for online and in person networking... including the 4-step email approach that generates responses!  

- Map out where to network and find your job referrers or future hiring managers

- Master your elevator pitch so your audience leans in wanting to learn more  

- Learn 11 tips to become a natural conversationalist

- Includes templates for various scenarios

- Follow up with your new connections to get the ball rolling in the right direction towards introductions, referrals, and interviews  


cultivitae happily hired formula

Lesson #4: Time is your most precious commodity: gain direct access with recruiters and hiring managers.

- Learn how to tap into the 85% hidden job market aka the jobs that aren’t even posted online  

- Leverage LinkedIn and learn how to effectively message those beyond your first degree connections... including messaging millions for free... without paying $30/month for a premium account.  

- Discover best practices for resume databases and learn how to work with staffing agencies

- Build relationships and internal ambassadors with people who are in companies and roles you want to join

- Research where to meet hubs of people who have direct access to the informational interviews you want to land  

cultivitae happily hired formula

Lesson #5: Interviews have a structure and a formula: learn it, apply it, and crush it!

- Understand how recruiters think and the 3 components they are measuring you against  

- Anticipate the questions that will be asked with this simple yet effective interview prep exercise  

- Master the STAR technique and other common interview questions  

- Bounce back from curveball questions and strengthen your answers  

- Learn how to close the interview with a strong exit and clear next steps  

cultivitae happily hired formula

Lesson #6: Always negotiate confidently. Period.

- Before you accept an offer, make sure you’ve negotiated your salary, bonuses, and non-monetary rewards and perks  

- Pep talk: Shift your perspective on money and make sure your self worth is equal to your net worth  

- Find how to benchmark your salary with the most reliable data so you don’t limit yourself  

- Learn the phrases that will confidently and comfortably lead you to asking for what you want 

- The one step you should take before you leave your existing employer and the template to use for your resignation letter  

cultivitae happily hired formula

Lesson #7: Plan ahead and put a proactive launch plan to get ahead in your new role.

- Be proactive in your next role and take initiative with a 90-day transition plan  

- Communicate effectively and win office politics with these best tips and hacks  

- Set long-term goals and make sure you find internal and external resources to chart your own success path

- Receive productivity hacks and tips to boost effectiveness while remaining sane

 - Tips and best practices to get ahead in the workplace  



Want Bonuses? You got it!

$2,000 worth of bonuses, if you're keeping track.

Enrolling in The Happily Hired Formula™ will not only provide you with:

  • Lifetime access to the course so you can return anytime and often as you'd like
  • 50+ pages of Interactive PDF worksheets
  • Access to private FB group where you can gain support and network with other like-minded professionals
  • Transcripts for each lecture
happily hired formula fb group

Yes, There is More!

This special limited-time offer registration bonus also includes...

  • Live group coaching calls with me twice a month (recorded) so you can get any of your burning questions answered...think of me as an expert recruiter and coach by your side along your journey ($1,200 value)
  • Direct access to recruiters and a list of contacts to trusted staffing agencies you can start partnering with in your geographical markets and industry niches ($600 value)
  • Cover letter template that makes it impossible fo an employer to say you're not a match ($20 value)
  • Bonus module on How to Use LinkedIn: a full tutorial on all of its featues and navigations ($97 value)
  • Bonus module on Self Care 201: learn self-coaching tools to bring out the best in you ($97 value)

 Bonus Modules:

Job searching is about patience, endurance, and remaining focused. Start boosting your confidence and attracting what’s possible and desirable. This module is designed to switch your mindset so you look at every rejection as an opportunity. 

- Learn self-coaching tools and tips to tackle your views on fear, failure, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt. 

- Create a schedule that balances your job search with fun so you can remain energized and recharged throughout this journey.

happily hired formula
linkedin 201

LinkedIn is the modern day rolodex. Make sure you are aware of all of its features provided to job seekers and networkers like you!

- Build your online presence and authority

- Gain access to millions you normally wouldn't reach out to

- Learn how to navigate LinkedIn with tutorials on all functions and pages every job seeker needs to know about. 

The proof is in the pudding. Let's hear what others have to say.

"Emily helped me market myself appropriately to employers, which led me to land so many great interviews and multiple job offers! She is an expert in the recruiting process and takes really good care of whoever comes to her for advice, this is why I selected her as my coach. Thanks to our working together, I accepted a full-time position that fit my criteria including going from a contractor to a full-time employee." 

- Abdul Kader, San Francisco, CA, Legal Professional 

"Emily's advice is spot on and I recommend her left right and centre. She is awesome and definitely a little diamond in the industry. I hired her as my career coach because I was looking to transition into a new industry AND a new country. Within weeks of working together, I had five interviews scheduled with top companies across my dream industries. She is a magician!"  

- Dr. Patrycja Sosnowska, Education transitioned into Communications/Consulting  

"Emily is truly inspirational and motivational. Not only did she provide me with valuable insight on how to approach 'the job search', but she was also a constant source of encouragement. I found her tips and tricks on what recruiters & hiring managers look for to be extremely helpful. She is easily one of the most warm-hearted and approachable people I know! I'm happy to announce that I'm 4 weeks into my new full-time role and am enjoying the transition in location and department."

- Mark S., Recent Grad transition into Biotech/Pharmaceuticals from Los Angeles to Bay Area

"Emily is a true professional! Her instinctual curiosity makes the process feel so easy. Emily asks the right questions to help you look inside and find the things that have provided you happiness and purpose. Through my work with Emily, I found the right job for my career right now...I couldn't be happier and more fulfilled! I will definitely continue to work with Emily as I continue to develop and move through the stages of my career."

- Meagan Kellogg, Cleveland, OH, Consumer Goods to Credit Industry

happily hired formula
Emily Liou CultiVitae happily hired formula

Hey, there! I’m Emily Liou! 

I’m the founder and career coach over at, a blog awarded in the Top 25 career development blogs list on the internet according to Google rankings. Before launching, I spent 6 years headhunting and recruiting top talent for Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook and The J.M. Smucker Company, along with Silicon Valley’s hottest startups. After screening tens of thousands of resumes and interviewing thousands of candidates, I decided to share all of my insider recruiting and human resources knowledge to help heart-centered professionals master the job search process through private 1:1 coaching, and ecourses like this one!  

I have been fortunate to be featured as a trusted career expert on The Muse, and my career advice has been featured in articles published on Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Elephant Journal and Fairygodboss. In the last year alone, I have helped hundreds turn their dream jobs into a reality, leading them to achieve higher salaries, better commutes and schedules, and positions they can finally look forward to waking up to. When I’m not geeking out on personal and professional development topics, I can be found exploring $ or $$ restaurants in the Los Angeles area, rockclimbing, or hiking with my Lhasa Apso, Kang Kang (pronounced Kong Kong).  

Happily Hired Formula 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure if The Happily Hired Formula™ is right for you? Well, I’m giving you a full MONTH to dive into the course and try out the step-by-step formula. If you reach out within 30 days to let me know that you’re not seeing any growth, I’ll happily give you a full refund.  

Now, if you do end up requesting a refund, you’ll need to show me that you did the work by watching the videos, completing the worksheets, and implementing my suggestions. So long as you’ve done the work, you’ll be able to request a refund. Remember, The Happily Hired Formula™ isn't about information, it's about implementation. It won’t work unless you put forward the effort. 

I’m offering this money-back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the quality and contents of The Happily Hired Formula™ and I want you to see how game-changing this course can be, risk-free! 

CultiVitae Happily Hired Formula FAQs

How long does The Happily Hired Formula™ take? This program has 8 modules where one-two modules are released once a week. The reason for this format is to 1.) make sure you don't feel overwhelmed and 2.) make sure you put thought into the exercises each week as each module is a building block. You should expect to budget 2-3 hours each week for the course content and exercises. You have full lifetime access to the courses so you can revisit them as needed through your career evolution. You can also work at your own pace in the case life gets busy.

What if I don't need all of the modules? I've coached hundreds of ambitious corporate professionals seeking a career transition and what I've found is 100% of them needed more guidance than originally anticipated as many nuances show up in the job search. This program is designed to give you full support from gaining clarity to succeeding in your new role. The Happily Hired Formula™ takes out the guesswork of the do's and dont's of each step in the job search process. 

While you could enroll in individual modules in CultiVitae's Shop, this is by far the best deal as there are over $2,000 worth in bonuses and each module is heavily discounted.

What if I'm going on vacation or too busy? This program is designed as a DWY (do with you). This means while you certainly can DIY (do it yourself), a supportive community is also available any time you have a question. You can work at your own pace, revisit any of the modules whenever you need to, and know that our private FB community and I are here to support you whenever questions do arise. You have lifetime access to the course and the group!  

What if I can't make the live Q&A calls? You can share your questions you want answered in advance so I can address it in the live session. The calls are recorded so you'll be able to listen and learn as if you were there.  

Who is this program NOT for? This program is not for people who just want to read or listen to material - you can do that for free online. You probably have too much information... this program is really about implementation. This program is not for people who just want to apply to every job on Indeed. It's also not for people who want to start their own business. While a lot of the material is applicable to other countries, it's focused on U.S. hiring practices.

So who IS The Happily Hired Forumla™ for? This program is for ambitious corporate professionals who are ready to believe any career transition is possible. It's for those that want to actively make a change and design a career and life they love. It's for those who want to develop both personally and professionally. In short, The The Happily Hired Formula™ is for those that are ready to take full control of their careers and get unstuck!  



happily hired formula

Special Savings: Bundle valued at $3,179 when purchased individually 

Both Payment Option Plans Get You:

  • 8 self-paced modules of video and audio (over 12 hours of game-changing content to go from career clarity to successful job transition)
  • 50+ Pages of exercises to implement what you learn
  • Live group coaching calls and career coaching to answer any questions along the way (recorded so you will never miss any)
  • Mega support from the private FB community of job seekers, hiring managers, and recruiters so we can all grow together
  • Lifetime access to the group and course
  • List of trusted recruiters within specializations of niches and geographical markets
  • *Bonus LinkedIn Tutorial: Comprehensive navigation to maximize features
  • *Bonus Self Coaching Tips & Tools  
  • *Bonus Cover letter template

Let me ask one last question: What is it costing you financially, mentally, and emotionally if you don't take action today? I have the 30-day risk-free, money back guarantee in place because I'm confident you're going to find a ton of value in this program!